We help organisations to identify, develop, and retain talent. Our services encompass a diverse range of tools and methodologies underpinned by our deep knowledge in behavioural development and psychometrics.  Our goal is to help organisations make informed decisions about hiring, promotions and training initiatives enabling them to build a strong and capable workforce that can drive business success.


What benefits does our approach have?


Safeguard against making the wrong hire by using robust and fair assessments while hiring. This will provide an objective measure that can be trusted

Transform strategy

Identify high-potential individuals, address skills gaps and plan for succession, reduce costs and position organisations for success

Optimise performance

Provide insights into employees in order to implement targeted development initiatives to enhance skills, efficiency and productivity.

Improve diversity

Maximise the potential for diverse hiring through the inclusive use of assessment.


Leadership & Talent Assessment


Talent assessment is designed to provide an objective and in-depth understanding of strengths, areas for development and possible disruptors.  This process utilises a range of psychometrics, psychologist validation and stake holder exercises which can be generic or based on your own behavioural model.

  • Executive/Leadership Assessment
  • First Time & Mid Manager
  • Succession Planning
  • Future Leader / High Potential Identification
  • Volume Assessment & Delivery

Onboarding & Leadership Development


This means the provision of one-to-one guidance and training that focuses on the specific needs of individual leaders. You could apply this upon commencement of a new role, during a period of transformation, or at periods throughout your progression in a role.

  • Top Team Development
  • Executive/ Leadership Coaching
  • Leadership Development
  • Board Advisor
  • Leadership capability Insight & benchmarking

Assessment Design & Delivery


Assessment design and delivery encompasses crafting tailored tests, tasks, and evaluations to assess candidates’ suitability for a role. This process involves creating accurate, fair, and consistent assessments that effectively measure skills and competencies, contributing to informed hiring decisions and successful candidate placement.

  • Behavioural framework design
  • Bespoke critical success profiles
  • 360° feedback
  • Leadership & Talent Benchmarking
  • Bespoke assessment design

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