We provide a proactive and informed view of the talent pools our clients are targeting.


The insight team provides detailed advice on talent strategies beyond just talent acquisition and retention. We help organisations better understand their marketplace, so they can make informed decisions about talent and hiring. Our services are grounded in comprehensive market analysis, that is then verified with qualitative insight conversations with people within that market who can provide a picture of the landscape that our clients operate in.


Creating a real-time picture of the external market so you can make better informed decisionsCONTACT US


Building talent pools to meet your short, medium or long term talent needs



Sourcing talent for niche roles as an alternative approach to traditional recruitment searches



When an organisation has a role that is particularly challenging to fill, our research team delves further into the candidate market in that area, advising if the talent is available, where it can be found and how best to engage with that talent. This research-led approach saves our clients time and money, preventing long drawn-out recruitment searches for candidates in the wrong area or for talent that simply doesn’t exist – yet. We don’t just provide you with the insight to understand the market, we also show you how to identify, attract and retain talent.


Our experienced researchers work with the latest technology, as well as real time research methodologies to deliver:

COMPETITOR ANALYSIS: Our ability to look ‘inside’ competitor organisations delivers unique insights, allowing you to make more informed strategic business decisions. We work with our clients to understand where they have gaps in terms of competitor understanding, and how our research services can provide a more well-rounded view of the competitor landscape.

TALENT POOL ANALYSIS: We help you understand the overall talent pool available to you, whether it is an analysis of locations of talent, the perceptions of the talent pool, aspirations of the talent pool, experience levels, gender breakdown, talent pool size and key competitors who are also in the market within the talent pool. We help you to analyse and identify both the high-performing individuals who are never visible in the marketplace or actively looking, as well as those seeking their next challenge. This highly-tuned, flexible approach gives real advantage to organisations competing for individuals who are ‘best in class’ and not just ‘best in process’.

SALARY AND REWARD BENCHMARKING: Real-time knowledge and intelligence to shape and enhance the people decision-making processes is of paramount importance. Our salary and reward benchmarking services ensure you’re up to date with the market, with the insight you need into what candidates expect when considering new opportunities. We use a range of online data, aggregated from various sources and verify this through real time conversations with the relevant talent pool.

LOCATION ANALYSIS: We help you make better business decisions when you’re considering a move or expansion. As part of a clear window to the talent landscape, we show you the advantages that different locations might provide to your business.

BRAND AND PERCEPTION AUDITS: Using web and telephone research skills, and methodologies that are constantly refreshed to reflect the latest technological innovations, we transform empirical data and collated information into powerful insights about your brand and how it’s perceived in the market.

ACQUISITION ANALYSIS: If you’re thinking about making an acquisition, we can help you delve into the opportunity, understanding the pros and cons, and present you with the insight you need to make an informed choice for your business.

DIVERSITY AND INCLUSION INSIGHT: We know it’s critical for businesses to understand their organisation’s diversity and inclusion performance, and where improvements can be made. We help our clients look both internally and externally to ensure they’re leading the way with their D&I practices and policies.​

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