At Veredus, data is increasingly at the heart of our approach to delivering executive search campaigns. This has given us a significant advantage in an increasingly challenging market.
Executive search can no longer rely on traditional methodologies like database searching or simply calling up the usual suspects. Quite rightly, our clients demand longlists of candidates with diverse skill sets, inclusive of individuals from underrepresented groups for roles in locations around the UK.
Veredus has a real advantage when it comes to leading data-driven executive search campaigns. We have an in-house market research team, Veredus Insight who produce and analyse vast amounts of data, much of which can be used to inform candidate identification and outreach.

Working in close collaboration, Veredus Insight, our executive search team has developed an innovative data-driven approach to executive search. By leveraging data analytics and new technology, Veredus is able to access a huge amount of information from multiple sources relating to key factors such as:

• Diversity
• Regional Talent Pools
• Functional Talent Pools
• Reward
• Candidate motivation
• Candidate behaviour

Veredus are able to provide our clients clear evidence-based advice on key hiring factors at the outset of search campaigns; aligning expectations and focusing the executive search on the best candidates with the right skills and characteristics.

In my sector, Central Government, my clients are looking to move jobs away from London to regions across the UK as part of the Levelling Up agenda and Places for Growth scheme. We have drawn on the data to advise our clients on crucial factors such as regional talent pools, diversity, candidate behaviour and motivation. Data analysis gives Veredus a further advantage when it comes to structuring our conversations with potential candidates.

The data has taught us that there is no single USP for any role. Candidates from different backgrounds and regions are not motivated by the same factors when applying for a role. We are now putting together more effective and targeted Employee Value Propositions, designed to attract individuals with specific profiles and building pools of candidates that reflect diversity in all its forms. This has had a significant impact on our ability to appoint to “hard to fill” positions in locations around the UK.

Veredus Insight can also conduct further, more bespoke analysis for our clients, looking at market intelligence factors such as competitor analysis, brand perception and talent pipelining.
Of course, the human element remains important when sourcing senior executives; our search and selection is very experienced when it comes to forging strong relationships with our clients and candidates alike, ensuring a high-quality end to end process designed to arrive at a diverse shortlists of highly capable candidates.

Our data-driven approach enables us to focus our activity and ensure we are having the right conversations with the right people.

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