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What we do

Executive search

We deliver candidates that make a difference. You can only do this if you’re able to be flexible, hard-working and knowledgable. But you need more than that. Executive recruitment is a hugely important investment for any organisation. With a national and global capability alongside deep-rooted local networks and knowledge, we make organisations better by delivering better candidates.

Hard work, ownership, commitment. There are no short cuts.

Interim management

Loyal candidates stay with us and clients rely on us. Why? Because we understand both their worlds and both their motivations. It sounds simple, and it is. It’s just very hard work and takes knowledge, determination and total ownership of the assignment. Candidates want personal and professional growth, organisations want results – often quickly and for a variety of reasons. Across the public and private sector, we bring new ideas, fresh talent and superbly qualified candidates.

In short, we deliver better results for clients and better careers for candidates.

Assessment and development

Across the public, private and not-for-profit sectors we support leadership recruitment, current leadership assessment and we help identify future leaders for organisations – but we also take candidate feedback very seriously. Whether successful or not, we share development opportunities and build relationships for the longer term.

Business transformations, reorganisations, leadership assessments and tailored leadership coaching for talented people – moving people talent from the private to public sector is a particular speciality of ours.

Like everything we do at Veredus, there is no magic wand. We just roll our sleeves up and do the big things, and the important details, better than everyone else.