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How we do it


To be known for making an impact beyond the brief. We don’t shuffle CVs, we create better organisations and better careers.


  • Diversity - of candidates, of roles and of our own experience
  • Pace - of delivery. We just don’t understand why some of our competitors take so long
  • Ownership - of the task by the person you meet
  • Breadth - of the world-beating Capita Resourcing group
  • Depth - of our resources and of our expert knowledge


At Veredus we believe that everyone has their own unique abilities, and we are committed to promoting equality and diversity both internally, as a model employer, and externally as a recruiter and a thought leader in the field. That’s why we’ve made sure our networks extend beyond the traditional parameters. It’s also why we’re recognised for our ability to reach a wide talent pool – and why our name is synonymous with diversity, inclusion and integration.