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Technology via Data and Artificial Intelligence is transforming and shaping our lives daily, whether it be work, leisure, health or otherwise, we are witnessing advancement at an unprecedented scale. 

The same rapid progression can be witnessed on a far broader and global scale, with adopted methods in farming, automotive and energy production and so on, as the world becomes smaller its challenges increase and technology is playing its part across many key critical areas we see, as well as those we don’t. 

With almost 3 decades experience delivering recruitment initiatives within the Senior Technology space handling appointments concerning technology change and transformation, our designated practice here at Veredus are well positioned to react to your needs in a methodical and robust manner. Our global reach and deep knowledge of the evolving technology landscape allows
us to produce outstanding results across a spectrum of challenging technology needs and business units.

Our sector coverage is broad and contains legacy within a range of government and private sector organisations. We are proven experts within the appointment of dedicated ‘C’ suite and board level appointments as well as constructing specific technology critical senior team builds across a variety of skill and leadership functions. 

Whether you are looking for Senior talent to initiate transformation within Data, Security or Programme Change, our sector agnostic approach and board network of proven operators within cutting-edge technology change ensures you the very best in both quality and reaction-time towards your needs, ensuring we can cover your needs discreetly, swiftly and effectively utilising our search and selection methodologies or vast community of experienced Interim managers.

Technology & Digital

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