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System Leadership and the NHS’ Top 100 most influential leaders - A report by Simon Potts

Looking at the recently announced HSJ’s Top 100 most influential leaders, it’s no surprise that once again the top 30 most influential leaders are in full time national roles with the exception being Dame Julie Moore. Is it inevitable that national leaders will continue to dominate this leaders’ table in future?

Developing national policy can be very challenging especially if it is to be effective and implemented successfully. It is the success around the implementation that makes the policy work and for that part it is ‘down to the locals’.

At a local level, innovation and joined up system leadership is what makes things happen and makes things work. Jeremy Hunt recognised this (in a roundabout way) when announcing the recent STP Capital Investment fund. “A measure of success of these transformational partnerships is that people can see and feel improvements being made in their local area. It’s not just money making this happen; it is the local innovation and system leadership”.

Read the full report here.
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