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Case Study - Security Industry Authority (SIA)

Since 2014, Veredus Assessment & Development Practice has worked with the Security Industry Authority (SIA) in providing bespoke Assessment Centre solutions at the Deputy Director Level. To date we have assessed 25 internal and external candidates for 5 of their Deputy Director roles. 

The SIA is responsible for regulating the private security industry in the UK; they are an independent body that reports to the Home Secretary. They have two main duties: the compulsory licensing of individuals undertaking designated activities within the private security industry. Secondly to manage the voluntary Approved Contractor Scheme, this measures private security suppliers against independently assessed criteria. The SIA has undergone significant organisational change recently and a result they have focused on putting in a place a robust and fully comprehensive assessment process in partnership with Veredus A&D. This is a bespoke assessment process tailored to meet the specific criteria of each role through a range of different assessment exercises and psychometric tests. 

In summary, we have delivered several assessment centres for various Deputy Director roles using behavioural exercises as well as on-line profiling. The behavioural exercises were tailored to the key indicators required for success in each of the roles. These included analysis exercises where the candidate was required to analyse a complex brief on a specific topic and then deliver a presentation and respond to questioning from an assessor.  We also integrated bespoke work simulation exercises which required the candidates to manage a meeting with a trained work simulation actor to solve a specific issue whilst maintaining the stakeholder relationship. Finally, we incorporated structured interviews and psychometric validation sessions aimed at assessing the candidates preferred styles of working and overall leadership qualities. The outcome of each assessment centre process were comprehensive assessment reports highlighting each candidate’s key strengths and areas for consideration based on their performance across the assessment centre. In addition to the comprehensive assessment reports, verbal feedback was also provided to the various interview panels within the SIA to inform their decision making.

The Veredus A&D practice has received very positive feedback from various interview panels for the work delivered and we take pride in continuing to support the SIA in appointing the best candidates to develop the organisation further. 

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