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Case Study - Scottish Government - Deputy Director Promotion Board

Veredus Assessment & Development Practice has worked extensively with the Scottish Government since 2003 providing assessment and profiling solutions for a wide range of executive level positions all over Scotland. We are proud to be regarded as one of their long-term partners in supporting them to develop their talent pool of senior civil servants as well as adding value to their recruitment and assessment process in identifying the best talent to take the Scottish Government forward to meet its future challenges. 

To date, one of the largest projects we undertook was the design and delivery of a very recent large scale assessment process as part of their internal Deputy Director Promotion Board in spring 2016. We have delivered several previous Promotion Boards for the Scottish Government since 2007 however, this time the number of candidates selected to take part in the assessment was considerable higher than in recent years. We were involved in the initial design to ensure that the most valid and robust psychometric profiling tools were incorporated into the process and mapped against the key criteria for the Deputy Director level. We designed competency based questions to be included in the face to face validation sessions for each of the selected candidates and put together bespoke assessment reports to be provided for the sift panel to inform their decision making in selecting successful candidates for final promotion board interview. We delivered in total 73 one-to-one assessments face-to-face over a three week period (including the Easter holidays) accommodating a very tight time frame set for us by the client. Prior to all of the sessions, our support staff contacted each candidate separately to set them up with relevant psychometric tools and work style questionnaires as well as booking them in for validation session in Scotland across our two main sites in Edinburgh and Glasgow. 

In summary, approximately 30 candidates were successful in securing a Board interview following the assessments. As part of best practice, all participants were given the opportunity to receive further feedback from their assessment regardless if they had been successful or not in the process. The client was very positive in their feedback in terms of the quality of the assessments provided as well as Veredus A&D being prepared to go the extra mile in accommodating a very challenging time frame in turning around the project. 

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