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Media recruitment – a new dawn for interim managers?


A warm welcome to 2015.

In Media recruitment land we are already older, wiser (maybe) and more optimistic than ever– well more optimistic than for the last few years!

Veredus Interim Management has seen a definite pickup in the number of roles at a mid – senior level over the last 12 months.  This has been across all media sectors with particular demands from many traditional media and publishing businesses wanting more digitally focused and experienced executives to develop online revenue opportunities.  This has generated a marked increase in interim assignments and fixed term contract appointments for Heads of Digital, Project Management eCommerce, Heads of Commercial and Product Development roles. 

Many of these appointments are helping shape the future as more and more multi-media operations embrace a ‘digital first’ strategy.

So what does a ‘digital first’ strategy look and feel like and how does it manifest itself in the day-to-day operations?  Good question!  We see it as a move to the future with a rebalanced portfolio of products reflecting how consumers wish to engage with you and your brands.  This often involves a significant cultural shift and some lost jobs in the ‘old world’ and new jobs in the ‘new world’.  Where skills cannot be learnt and ‘old dogs can’t be taught new tricks’ quickly enough experienced interim managers are often required.

2014 has seen many companies looking to develop their strategies but being slowed by a lack of movement in the job market at a mid-senior level as too many good candidates are still ‘sitting tight’ in roles that are safe.  This is then exacerbated by the fact that too many organisations are not willing enough to look ‘outside the box’ to find talent from other related sectors.

However, this lack of movement is opening up more roles for the flexible and experienced interim manager who can come in at short notice, stay for a fixed period and be charged with managing change, delivering a project or adding valued skills and experience as a ‘subject matter expert’.

Other charges in 2014 have included the significant increase of social media being used to build brands and thus attract talent – this together with many companies developing their own direct sourcing strategies has led to the increased use of Linkedin as a major recruitment resource.

Our prediction for 2015 is a steady improvement in recruitment market conditions, an increase in demand for candidates with media, data and digital especially in the areas of business change.  However until candidates get more confidence in making big career moves then the shortage of available permanent talent will remain thus keeping the door firmly open for those interim managers with the required skills!

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