Human to Hybrid: The next workforce frontier

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H2 H Cps Preview

​As business leaders, we’re all aware that we are standing on the edge of a period of monumental change and recognise the need to re-imagine every part of our organisations, particularly how our operations are resourced and ‘work’ is carried out.

Throughout 2019, Capita People Solutions have published a series of reports and strategic papers to help businesses and HR leaders to plan and manage the shift from a Human to a Hybrid workforce. Human to Hybrid is the transition to the future of work where we exist in a fully optimised digital environment. It is framed around the idea that there are key drivers that will improve employee experiences enabling HR to recruit, train and retain talent with enhanced outcomes across the employee lifecycle.

Undertaking comprehensive, independent research amongst both business leaders and employees, comprising of Interviews with 500 business leaders and 2,031 employees within organisations in the UK, this paper aims to give unique insight into the realities, challenges and opportunities presented by the shift to a truly hybrid, tech-enabled state.

Download the full report here.