Recruiting engineers in early-career for a major engineering consultancy

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Engineering Case Study

​A major engineering consultancy was considering how to improve the way they attracted candidates from a more diverse background. A small number of organisations in the sector seemed to be making gains in this space and our client was interested in their approach and to find out for example, whether there was a dedicated team focused on diversity and if so, how this worked.

We put together a comprehensive talent insight report for our client which looked at what major competitors do to attract young people from diverse backgrounds into engineering. We also provided broader feedback on entry points to the business such as through work experience placements, apprenticeships and graduate programmes.

What we achieved:

  • We provided detailed insight into 17 companies, enabling our client to make informed decisions about wherher to create a diversity focused team within TA

  • Our insight enabled them to consider team structures and also provided them with the details of diversity leaders in the sector